The firm Trasformazione Agrumi Scarpelli Giuseppe srl does business since 1969.
For two generations, it deals with the craftsmanship of peel of citrus fruits such as sweet orange, bitter orange, lemon and bergamot. The production chain comes naturally from flowering to harvest, precisely in the valley of Gallico (Reggio Calabria).
Although the advent of modernity, the company firmly maintains the tradition maintaining the uniqueness and quality that distinguish it, in fact, the processing is done with the same methods and techniques ever.
From generation to generation, the citrus is hand-peeled one by one by pulling a thin ribbon ready for a natural drying.
Feature also confirmed by the goodness of the crop originating from first quality grafts, grown strictly naturally in fields located in the Conca d'Oro of Villa San Giuseppe, better known as the valley of Gallico.
The uniqueness and professionality guaranteed by the company is confirmed by the confidence that, for 50 years, the leading international herbal and food companies put on it.

Trasformazione Agrumi Scarpelli Giuseppe srl
Via Dei Monti, 69 - 89135 Villa San Giuseppe (RC) P.IVA 02842490803
Tel: 331.9386953 E-mail: info@scorzeagrumi.com