Our company follows the processing of the peel from the flowering to the finished product while maintaining, during the entire production cycle, the principles of authenticity.
Most of the raw material comes from citrus groves located in the the Conca d'Oro of Villa San Giuseppe and managed by our company.
In the Conca d'Oro of Villa San Giuseppe, better known as the valley of Gallico, is played the entire processing cycle, it is a healthier area, free from air pollution of the city.
The same area is famous for its oranges, especially the quality Belladonna and Biondo tardivo of San Giuseppe, recently also marked by guarantee mark DE.C.O. (Municipal Designation of Origin city of Reggio Calabria), born after Law nÂș 142 of 8 June 1990, that allows municipalities to regulate in matters of enhancement of traditional agri-food activities.
The area also favors the natural drying, in fact is a place blessed by the sun for much of the year where the north wind of the Aspromonte meets the breeze of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The quality of the area and the quality of workmanship, without using chemicals, guarantee a 100% natural product.
In fact, the processing in strips, completely by hand, of our peel, allows a higher extraction of the essences contained in it.
The products, tested in the laboratory, do not contain any OGM and allergens, in accordance with CE Regulation 396/2005 and subsequent updates.
Our peel is most needed by breweries, herbalists and pharmaceutical companies for the production of cosmetics and liquors.

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